Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wishful HD Remakes

While I'm sure there are upon hundreds of games we would all love to see be remade, but the reality of it is that it more than likely just won't happen. So since it's wishful thinking we might as well make a list of the games we would like to have remade in HD. The five games I'm going to list from an article and then I'll just post mine underneath.

1. Halo CE
2. System Shock 2
3. Super Mario Bros
4. FF 7
5. GTA Vice City

I can only agree with Halo and Vice City on that list, mostly for the reason that I never played system shock, Super Mario Bros was remade on the Wii and FF7 just isn't that good. My list makes a bit more sense but that's just my opinion.

1. Halo CE
2. GTA Vice City
3. Metal Gear Solid 2
4. Chrono Cross
5. Legend Of Dragoon (or a sequel)


HonBlogger said...

good list, keep up the good blogging

Parker said...

I disagree with FF7 in the original list but you're is pretty sweet. Chrono Cross remake would be epic!

Dim Lamp said...

1. Legend of legia ( if you didn't play this game on the ps1 ... you didn't play games on the ps1 lol )

2. Metal gear solid 1 and 2
3. Legend of dragoon and a sequel like they said they were going to make >:(

but yea... vice city too, it was some wicked fun.

tortacular said...

brain candy!!

Ohelig said...

Halo CE in Hi-Def... hmm


Nikola Begedin said...

Bite your tognue! Final Fantasy VII not good... If you want Halo on that list, then FF is required.

anchors89 said...

gotta agree with Vice City, that game is a sight for sore eyes

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