Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Most Overrated Console Games

Most of the games we play now are made by large companies who like to hype the game to the point where it actually looks better than it is. For many thats what happened, games that were no better than others got much higher critic ranks than they deserved so I'm going to give a list of games and their ranks and what they should have gotten and tell me if you agree.

Quake 4
Metacritic: 81
Deserved: 70

While I admit quake was a good game and had all the quake qualities in it it still didnt have a whole lot of replay value. At the same time it also needed to evolve from it's basic quake gameplay, were not living in 1990. (not sure when the largest quake era was)

Gears Of War
Metacritic: 94
Deserved: 85

Gears of war was something new to PC and xbox, Epic's something new. They pushed this out there to be an extreme game of gore and violence. While it delivered all the animations it took away from gameplay, as well as not very story driven. Good game overall but not 94 rank good.

Halo: ODST
Metacritic: 83
Deserved: 69

This game was extremely overrated. It was only made as a way to release all the maps on an xbox disc and still charge the full price of a game.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Metacritic: 94
Deserved: 85

MW2 was a great sequel but not as good as the first one. Campaign was well put together as well as multiplayer except that they can't seem to figure out how to get the party systems right, or the whole online network in general. Not to mention they didn't even ban cheaters, at least not enough of them.

Bioshock 2
Metacritic: 88
Deserved: 70

Once again a good sequel but not as good as the first. Bioshock one has all the praise for starting the series but they added so many features in the second one I'm not sure too many fans liked it. Same goes for the multiplayer, there are certain games that just don't need one.

Resistance 2
Metacritic: 88
Deserved: 75

Resistance 2 was fairly well put together, it could use some work on it's graphics and I know "Graphics don't matter!". As a matter of fact they very much matter, graphics are a big part of the rating system for the reason that it shows how much work and effort they put into the game or they're just really shitty 3D artist.


Nikola Begedin said...

No argument here. Finished some of those games, but none of them really hit me like "now THIS game is good".

xMuku said...

I consider a lot of how good a game is in the replay value of it.

zman said...

i agree completely

Lemmiwinks said...

Great post!

looking forward to reading the next one

James said...

I agree for all except bioshock. I just thought it was so original it blew my mind.

christopher said...

QUAKE 4 was a horrible game, i couldn't believe that it got such good reviews.

Dobo said...

It might be just me but i really didn't like gears of war. Okay games seem to get stellar reviews nowadays because of the hype.

Totalitarian said...

Yeeah didn't like Quake 4 much.

Red Baron said...

but but duck hunt was great.... hahaha

Igloo said...

i bought MW2 on the PC.. worst decision i ever made.

thecatzpajamas said...

thank god i never played videogames too poor

you should view my page if you need some humor :D

http://the4unetwork.blogspot.com/ said...

cool! cheers

Pentavus said...

Not too bad, it's true, too many companies buy ratings now :(

MacPCharmony said...

I liked your perspective in this one... I'm going to have to agree with you

Anonymous said...

WTF... I loved Quake!

troykan said...

thooose are all fps games

Anonymous said...

i like call of duty 2 :P

Come At Me Bro said...

Love this!

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