Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rangiku Matsumoto Cosplay

Never heard of Rangiku Matsumoto?
Then you're not watching the right anime.

Matsumoto is from an anime called bleach where she plays a lieutenant of the 10th division. She is a perfect example of the over use of giant boobs in anime but that shouldn't stop hot women dressing up like her.
In the link below there are numerous pictures of different women all dressed like Matsumoto and have the tits to match. While I admit some of them might be but-her faces it's not like we spend a lot of time looking there anyway. Am I right?

So enjoy the cosplay as it is, you will  be much happier.

Cosplay Pictures:


Parker said...

You would :P

Parker said...

Also I just started a music blog last night, go check it out and follow!

JooLamp said...

nice costume for halloween. hehe

miecak said...

I don't get anime. So I don't watch it :D

LD said...

sweet,i watch bleach all the time, this was nice

vogelhut said...

Probably would have been more suited for a halloween post.

bojanglesk8 said...

Interesting, I'll check it out.

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