Saturday, March 5, 2011

Steam Security Upgrade

Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell has publicly revealed his Steam username and password. It's true! You can watch the video above to hear his account details.
No, he hasn't lost his mind, if that's what you're thinking. The purpose of doing this is to prove that Valve's new Steam Guard feature guarantees that your Steam account can't be hijacked even if someone (or, in this case, everyone) knows both your username and password.
In the announcement earlier this week, Newell stated, "Account phishing and hijacking are our #1 support issues." Steam Guard prevents unauthorized access by tying a Steam account to a specific computer. Any attempts to log in or change account settings from any other computer will send the owner a notification of the activity.
All the specifics have still yet to be laid out, such as what happens if your computer stops working or its processor is upgraded. Valve has promised it will "provide more information in the near future that should clear up some of these questions and the surrounding confusion."


Westus said...

This is pretty cool, kinda like how WoW implemented authenticators or whatever.

mac-and-me said...

meh just another process lurking in the background and using resources

tearinox said...

interesting, probably a way around this though. you could spoof your hardware?

Spike said...

horray, more protection...from what ?

duffboi said...

I would just hope this doesn't create any new problems. Hopefully they'll work anything like that out.

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