Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Devil May Cry Movie

The film rights for the Devil May Cry series have been acquired by Screen Gems, the same Sony subsidiary responsible for the four Resident Evil movies.
Variety reports that Kyle Ward will write the movie's script. He's also scheduled to write the screenplay for the upcoming Kane & Lynch film.
No release date has been announced, but that won't prevent us from beginning to brainstorm which actor should assume the role of series protagonist Dante. Leave your guesses in the comments below. 


tearinox said...

video game movies usually are terrible. maybe this one will be different?

XXII said...

oh man, i'd see that .

mac-and-me said...

most video game movies just suck

Spike said...

this will suck, i am sure of that

Adventures of Life said...

dragon ball evolution part 2?

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