Friday, March 25, 2011

New Demon Hunter Art From Diablo III

The Diablo III Facebook reached 725,000 “Likes”. This week it has been a pretty quick and consecutive waves of fans liking Diablo III concept art and screenshots. This week alone has gotten over 75,000 likes. Fans are catching up with the challenge to reach a million “Likes”.
Today we have the high resolution images of what looks like a new Demon Hunter female gadget spell or rune effect variation. We’ll know for sure once Bashiok post them on Facebook. Two zombies are chained together by the Demon Hunter, and she is about to finish them up with what looks like Xena’s Chakram weapon.
The concept art looks awesome. The Witch Doctor skill: Horrify. Visit the Facebook page to “Like” it. Help us reach the one million “Likes” milestone.
To date, it is unknown what Blizzard Entertainment will share with fans as the final reward when the Diablo III Facebook reaches a million “Likes”. Should we build expectations? In my wish list, I would personally love more gameplay videos, and some lore tease about the Acts.


Shelby Fox said...

That bottom pic looks terrifying.

Diablo 3 is gonna be sweeeeeeeeeet.

mac-and-me said...

looks awesome

Hot New Music Today said...

Pretty sweet, for some reason when I saw the 725,000 likes stat I was just like wow, I wish my facebook page could have that many likes...

Hey could you follow my friends blog? He needs some more followers for a class he's taking. Would help out a bunch!

Just needs to grab some follows.

Moob said...

looks great. still so pumped about this

Electric Addict said...

can't wait, blizzard always delivers!

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