Thursday, November 18, 2010

Something to keep in mind

According to the new TERMS OF SERVICE AND USER AGREEMENT submitted in November 2010 on the PSN has released some interesting facts that suggest that soon was over how to share games. 

Here are some excerpts from the document we:
  • You have to get your password and account details in secret and not share with anyone, to prevent unauthorized use of the PSN online service. If you share your account with someone who uses his mind to break some of the conditions or we (SONY), we believe that your account has been compromised, your account and / or access to the PSN may be suspended or terminated. We are not responsible for any unauthorized use or sharing of your account on the PSN.
Your rights to the service:
  • All services through the SONY ONLINE SERVICES, are licensed non-exclusively for your personal, private, noncommercial, which are subject to conditions and any addition to the conditions. Services can be used on a limited basis according to the activated systems associated with your account SONY SONY ONLINE SERVICES.
  • All intellectual property rights services belongs to us (SONY) and / or our licensors. All use of or access to such services will be taxable in accordance with these conditions and any additions to these conditions and all applicable laws.
  • Unless authorized by us (SONY), you may not: share, sell, transfer, lease or sublicense any service or part service to anyone.

According to subscription services: 
  • Subject to availability, you can buy a subscription to the service for a period of time to play online, access to music and any other service or activity. Subscriptions last only until the time fixed in the purchase, for example 7 days, 90 days or one year (known as the subscription period). A one year subscription will last 365 days. The subscription period will vary for different services and will be explained to you before making the purchase of the subscription.
  • Only the subscriptions that can be used to purchase the subscription. You may not share your subscription with another account even with the associated account as Master Account or Sub Account.
As you can see now Sony wants to restrict quite what many people now use to purchase downloadable content on the PSN STORE, see how SONY made to effectively make the restrictions of the accounts do not comply with the new terms. 

If you want to download whole document: 
And for those wondering, is it possible that Sony can ban my PSN account, easy answer, in the same new Sony EULA document makes clear: 

Using Sony Online Services: 
  • Every time you enter the online sevice SONY, we (SONY) collect information automatically without having to notify you by example:
  1. Your Online ID
  2. Your IP address and MAC address of your device (the unique numbers that identify the network and the device you are using) as well as the date and time you entered


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