Monday, November 8, 2010

Console sales to Date

Global sales of each major console to date:

PlayStation 2: 120,000,000
PlayStation: 102,000,000
Wii: 74,000,000
NES: 63,000,000
SNES: 49,000,000
PlayStation 3: 42,000,000
Xbox 360: 41,000,000
N64: 33,000,000
Megadrive: 34,000,000
Xbox: 24,000,000
GameCube: 22,000,000
Atari 2600: 14,000,000
DreamCast: 11,000,000
PC Engine: 10,000,000
Sega Saturn: 8,700,000
3DO: 2,000,000
PONG: 10,000


johanathan biggles said...

That is alot of consoles

Parker said...

I can claim 9, plus like 6 or 7 handhelds.

Eddie Rod said...

PS2 ftw! :D

Anonymous said...

I wonder what made the PS2 so popular. I think a lot of people bought it for the DVD player, since that was back when DVDs first came out and DVD players were still expensive. I don't know.

The Wii's not far from the top and it's still going

tortacular said...

helm of interest!

Apps Master said...

lots of consoles !

miecak said...

Sony at the top, excellent.

Insurance Finesse said...

Wii's gainin'!!

Jesús García said...

Sony is doing it well

James Johnson said...

Quite an achievement for pong....considering it's just.....pong....

YouNostalgiaYouLose said...

lol nice

Insurance Advice Guy said...

this was great!

Synthetic Soiree said...

Hard for me to believe the PS2 is the all-time best selling gaming system. Hell of a system though

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