Thursday, September 9, 2010

Valve vs Microsoft

Valve once alienated the PS3 community but turned it around quickly when Microsoft would not allow them to release their free updates for the Valve games released on Xbox 360.

In a recent article Valve called Xbox Live a "Train Wreck" due to its policies regarding patch updates for games. An example of this is Team Fortress 2, on xbox 360 it hasn't received the patches it needs to fix some of the bugs but the PC users have receive numerous updates for free. It seems a little unfair to leave the community who are paying for service besides the game behind on updates.

As Xbox Live does reward us with some extra content of use on their network it still cost more to receive anything on there including movies, tv shows and arcade games. It's nice to have that availability from the comfort of your home but it gets to a point when you realize there are better options.

In the long run it seems PS3 has gathered quite a supporting community even with developers and may be the console to come out on top.

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Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

Parker said...

It's is true though, Valve is just saying what everyone is thinking, there are so many games that never get the updates they need.

azurebalmung said...

very true, updates are essential

oxymoronic said...

Eh, I'd rather play on Steam anyway.

Joe said...

Although I am an Xbox owner, I agree with this. I hope Valve doesn't leave Xbox :( I played the ass out of the Orange Box when it came out for Xbox. And then I bought it on Steam :)

ryoko said...

why would anybody *want* to play an fps on a console anyways?

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