Friday, September 17, 2010

Devil May Cry

There haven't been many platformers lately so the competition isn't big but DMC is one of the best one's out there. The story in the DMC game isn't the best but the gameplay is amazing and can vary to your style.

Now their releasing the new DMC in a whole new way, as it seems to be a prequel (again) and Dante redesigned as a whole new person. A look at the trailer shows him in an urban city with scenes where he's in a mental institute with someone trying to get his name, but as it keeps flashing back to the fight scenes the game looks more awesome. The combat style, I'd have to say, is going to be nearly the same as before from what I've seen and along with your dual pistols you have a new transforming weapon that acts like a spear and a type of whip I guess you could call it.

A lot of DMC fans are very unimpressed with this trailer for the reason that the redesigned Dante looked nothing like him at all and are worried that this complete change in the series may ruin it. I can only see it getting better as it always has, and being an individual with demonic powers the change in his looks will be affected by what happened in the past. This game looks to be an origin game for the DMC series and I'm very much looking forward to trying it.


glen live said...

for sure, one of the best games..
and i don't agree, the storyline is also pretty good

GiantsMania said...

I've never played this one I'll have to check it out.

MVTM said...

epic game

miecak said...

Silly move to replace the original appearance, imo. Can you imagine Nintendo changing Mario ?

AnotherAaroon said...

devil may cry rules, dante is such a badass!

Anonymous said...

I've never played any DMC games, but I hear they're pretty good. Supporting, bro!

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