Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kinect Hacks: Sex game interface

It's finally happened: They've come up with a way to touch virtual breasts using the Kinect sensor. ThriXXX, a company that makes (you guessed it) sex games, has announced that it's created a Kinect hack to utilize the sensor as a control input for its "sim" games.

Right now the Kinect functionality is limited, though thriXXX plans to add -- yikes -- support for full-body gesture and voice commands. An alpha release is planned for early 2011 and will patch support for Kinect into all games using the company's proprietary thriXXX engine.

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Mr Bouchard said...

Hahaha, it was a matter of time!

LoneIslander said...

Well it was only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

It was bound to happen, we all knew this was coming. Especially all those images that kept floating around involving Kinect and sex.

ImmaFrog said...

Those crafty nerds.

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