Monday, December 27, 2010

Black Ops for PS3 - No Fix

In the five weeks since PS3 owners started a petition to demand a refund for Black Ops because it's a broken mess for many players, over 8,800 signatures have been posted. Although the UK trade authority Trading Standards has said that a 1979 Sale of Goods Act technically entitles consumers to a refund on a faulty purchased product, we'll have to see what Activision's lawyers think of that if it would ever even get to that point. Still, there's no denying that's a hefty number of signatures.

Lag, a lower resolution than the 360 version, host migration and frame rate issues are among the main complaints about the PS3 version. Although Treyarch says they are listening to the PS3 gamers out there and are no doubt working to patch what they can, it hasn't really done much to satisfy anyone who still has issues after all the patches to date.

Meanwhile, their Community Manager doesn't seem to be that bothered about the whole thing from the looks of his Twitter account. A major complaint on the popular forums for Black Ops over the last month is that people feel that Treyarch is just ignoring their calls to fix the existing problems. While I don't believe Treyarch actively intends to alienate part of their fan base through a lack of communication, they don't appear to be fixing it either.

Do you think this online petition will change anything now that it's quickly reaching 10,000 signatures?


Randall A. said...

Well, there's a lot of facets to this. Don't get me wrong, I think it's wrong that Treyarch is so immobile about the whole ordeal, but I doubt anything will really be done.

By the time anything gets under way, the next Call of Duty (or maybe even the next two or three) will have come and gone, due to the longevity of the court system. No one will care by then, and it will lose gusto. Treyarch is hoping that people will just deal with it long enough for them to get out of hot water.

Though I disagree, a court would find that though a game has bugs, it is not faulty, considering all games have bugs, and we buy the product knowing this fact. I think that it's akin to buying a burger that's missing chunks out of the actual burger.

Just my two cents (which is more than Treyarch is spending on fixing this mess).

Randall A.

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