Thursday, April 14, 2011

3DS New Pervy Game

Nintendo may've come a bit short of its stated goal of selling 4 million Nintendo 3DSes in the first month, but all that is about to change really quick, no doubt. Why? Because with Marvelous Entertainment's new boob-tastic action game Senran Kagura, every girl-game fan in Japan and worldwide is going to buy as many 3DS consoles as they can get their sticky hands on.
Featuring a scenario written by 428's Yukinori Kitajima and art by girl-game veteran Nan Yaegashi (sample art above), Senran Kagura tells the tale of a team of five sexy female ninjas as they face off against a looming threat to their school. Largely it's a side-scrolling action game, but it offers a few features you don't usually see in such titles -- the heroes can get their clothing ripped up, there are mini-games that emphasize their...erm...assets, and a special mode lets you view all the ladies from any angle you like.
Senran Kagura is due out this summer in Japan. Don't hold your breath for an overseas release. 


LifeHacks said...

I just bought my 3d....I'll wait for this to come out!

mac-and-me said...

sounds like a fun game :3

Matt said...

LOL, it always surprises me how much TnA they have in some Japanese games!

ScottD said...

time to fap

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