Monday, January 31, 2011

Holographic Leia with Xbox Kinect

mikejuk writes with this snippet from I, Programmer:"True 3D realtime holography is not only possible — it makes use of a Kinect as its input device. A team at MIT has recreated the famous 3D Princess Leia scene from the original Star Wars — but as a live video feed! It's a great stunt but don't miss the importance — this is realtime 3D holography and that means you can view it without any glasses or other gadgets and you can move around and see behind objects in the scene. This is more than the flat 3D you get in movies."


What a wonderful world said...

Technology knows no boundary ...

One day, Skynet will eat us all, lol :)

PvtCarlin said...

This is incredible!
Following :)

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