Thursday, February 24, 2011

World Of Warcraft And Starcraft Amusement Park

A report surfaced earlier this month that a new amusement park in China would feature Warcraft and StarCraft-inspired sections. Photos of the park's construction have now surfaced suggesting that it might not open in March as had been planned.
The park, known as Joyland, will be located in China's Wujin district. Its website shows what its five distinct areas will look like -- in addition to World of Legend, Moles World, and The Island of Mystery are the two Blizzard areas: Universe of StarCraft and Terrain of Warcraft. The original plan had been for the park to open in March. Judging by pictures (that's one below) that were said to be taken quite recently, it doesn't look as if it will be ready quite that soon, although stranger things have happened.

Joyland construction

A local news report covering Joyland's development can be seen here -- just don't expect to learn much if English is your only language.


Anonymous said...

Blizzard theme park LOL

Shelby Fox said...

Whoa....this would be the final kick I need to travel to China. That would be unreal.

I think I'd be worried about the millions of Asian fanboys running around, though. They can be extremely hardcore about starcraft and warcraft.

Charles said...

wut. make something cool like a... first person shooter park. half life the ride! halo, the motion ride! crysis, the thing that looks awesome but is always closed!

XXIII said...

I'd so go to this... well, I say that but I'd probably just oogle at it and dream..

DaDopeman said...

This looks like a really sick Idea. I would like to go, everyone would probably roleplay in the park that could be interesting. Like to quest and have rewards that add up for prizes and rides etc.

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